Elena Neophytou


Skills and qualifications

Your trusted partner in beauty and wellness

Welcome to the world of Elena Neophytou, where beauty therapy is not just about treatments but a personalized journey. Elena’s deep understanding of her client’s unique needs, expertise, and nurturing approach makes her stand out.

Elena’s foundations in the field are deeply rooted in her comprehensive education at the TEI University of Athens. Excelling in aesthetics, cosmetology, beauty therapy, and dermal therapy, she has equipped herself with the knowledge and skills to understand and cater to every aspect of your beauty needs.

Over the years, Elena has honed her craft, becoming an adept aesthetician and beauty therapist. But it’s not just about providing treatments; Elena’s approach is holistic, considering your lifestyle, challenges, and beauty aspirations. This personalized care is what sets her apart and builds lasting trust.

Elena’s philosophy is simple yet profound: Beauty therapy is a partnership, a journey. It’s about listening, understanding, and responding with treatments that are as unique as you. This personal investment in your journey is what builds trust and lasting relationships.

Join a community of beauty and trust where each woman feels heard, understood, and beautifully transformed. Experience the difference with Elena, where your beauty journey is in trusted, caring hands.